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Online Diflucan

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rotation of the volatile oil from genuine (Maracaibo) copaiba from 14** to 1 7 30', but from time to time samples of genuine copaiba yield oils with rotations of 25, and sometimes even higher; at others, though rarely, as low as 9. One of the objects of these limits is to exclude African copaiba, which yields oils of low laevo-rotatory power, but this is compensated by the addition of gurjun balsam, which has a high laevo rotation, and it is an almost positive certainty that many samples of copaiba were sophisticated with African copaiba in this way. Fortunately the presence of gurjun balsam can be detected with ease, and this adul- terant has become impossible. The author in this connection draws attention to the possible use of the balsam known as Hardwickia balsam, which has been described by Weigel, Hooper and Schimmel (see Pro- ceedings, 1907, 808-809), Online Diflucan and he tabulates the figures obtained by Online Diflucan them, as follows : Weigel. Specific gravity 1 0.977 Acid number 73-28 Ester number 9.66 Essential oil < 48.5 per cent. Plooper. 1. 01 24 to 1.0068 97.2 to 99,8 9.0 to 12.6 4 1. 1 to 39.5 per cent Schimmel. Digitized by 1. 0021 96.2 12.3 Online Diflucan 44 per cent. Google^ GUM TRAGACANTH AND GUM ARABIC. 24 1 Weigel found that the essential oil had a specific gravity 0.9045, and optical rotation 8 24'. Chem. & Drugg., Sept. 28, 1907, 518. Hardwickia Balsam Botanical Sources^ etc, Hans Solereder directs attention to the fact that the plant yielding the so-called '' hardwickia balsam," formerly designated Hardwickia pinnata, Roxb., is now botani- cally designated as Kingiodcndron pinnatum. Harms, and belongs to a genus which is distinct from that of Hardwickia. The only remaining member of the genus Hardwickia is H, binata^ Roxb., but this, as pointed out by Hooper, does not yield a balsam. The principal object of the author's investigation, however, is the determination of the seat of the balsam of Kingiodendron pinnatum in the plant ; whether, as in the case of guaiacum, it constitutes a filling mass in the lumina Online Diflucan of the vessels or other wood-elements, or, like in the copai/era, as seemed more likely, it has its source in secretory-passages of Online Diflucan the wood. Incidentally, also, the investigation was extended to plants of allied genera, such as Oxystigma^ Priosia^ Copaifera and Detarium^ with the result that with the exception of Hardwickia and Detarium^ which do not yield a copaiba-like balsam, the members of the various genera are provided with secretory -passages in the wood, from which the balsam is derived as in the case of Kingioden- dron, Arch. d. Pharm., 246 (1908), No. i, 71-77. Segura Balsam 7 A Possible Adulterant for Copaiba, Utz calls atten- tion to '' segura balsam," a commercial product of unknown origin, which he has reason to believe is now used in admixture with gurjun balsam as an adulterant of copaiba. He describes it as a dark brown, viscous mass, which becomes thin-liquid on heating, having an agreeable aromatic odor. It is only partly soluble in alcohol, but completely soluble in chloroform, benzene, petroleum ether, and carbon tetrachloride. Subjected to distil- lation it yielded 5 per cent, of water and 30 to 40 per cent, of a volatile oil, having the sp. gr. 0.9451 at 15 C. ; ^d 19** C. ; di5, 1.4992. The author believes that this oil, either by itself, or in admixture with some of the original segura balsam, is likely to be used in future as an adulterant Online Diflucan of copaiba. Pharm. Centralh., xlix (1908), No. i, 16. Asiatic Licorice Root^ Superior Quality, S. G. Kowalew calls attention to the licorice root collected in large quantities in Siberia, Turkestan and Mongolia, from Glycyrrhiza Uralensis, It is a distinct commercial variety of the drug, which is known by the name of " Chuntschir," and is superior to the best Spanish, and scarcely inferior to the best Russian licorice roots. The roots collected in the autumn contain more glycyrrhizin than those col- lected during summer, and will fioat up)on water, while the summer-drug will sink in it, Pharm. Ztg., lii {1907), No. 98, 1022 ; from Chem. Ztg., 1907, Rep., 87. Gum Tragacanth and Gum Arabic Commercial Online Diflucan Sorts, Dr. H. Ktihl Digitized by VjOOQlC 242 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. gives a brief description of ^a number of commercial sorts of gum traga- canth and gum arabic which have come under his observation, namely : Gum tragacanth from India ; from Online Diflucan Syria ; from Anatolia. Gum arabic from Asia (Persia) ; from North Africa (Kordofan, to the west of the Nile) ; from South Africa (river region of the Senegal) ; from South America (Brazil).
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